Ethiopia Vows to Strengthen Ties, Regional Cooperation with Somalia

Addis Ababa May 17/2022 /ENA/ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ethiopia will continue pursuing peace and stability in the East African region by consolidating the bilateral ties and regional cooperation with Somalia.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Dina Mufti told ENA that Ethiopia and Somalia have a long history of diplomatic and people-to-people relations.

He said the economic and political cooperation between the two countries as well as their development ties have laid a solid foundation.

According to Dina, Ethiopia’s support and assistance for lasting peace in neighboring Somalia is still ongoing.

Speaking on the recent election of Somalia, Dina said that Ethiopia appreciates Somalia's peaceful elections and democratic transition.

Somalia's peaceful electoral process and transfer of power is a source of pride for the people of Somalia and exemplary  for other African countries, the spokesperson  stated.

“The realization of political transition by conducting a peaceful election with a civilized manner would make the people of Somalia proud.  Such kind of achievement is very important not only for the people of Somalia but also for the whole of Africa. Conducting a political transition in a civilized based by holding election in Somalia is a big issue.  Therefore, it is important to convey a congratulatory message to the brotherly and sisterly people of Somalia. Accordingly, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other Ethiopian officials have been expressing their best wish the people of Somalia.”  

He reaffirmed that Ethiopia will work closely with the government led by the new President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to bolster its cooperation with Somalia.

The spokesperson  further noted that strengthening the people-to-people relations, the two countries will work together to fight poverty, prevent drought, strengthen regional ties and fight terrorism.

Moreover,  Ethiopia and Somalia  will continue to work together on economic integration, trade, infrastructure and projects that will maximize the benefits of the two countries.

Dina also hoped  that the new Somali government will play an important role in realizing  Ethiopia's keen interest  for cooperation,  he said.

Noting that Ethiopia has sacrificed a lot for the peace and stability in Somalia, he reaffirmed that his country will reinforce its commitment to support the new government of Somalia.

In particular, he stressed that Ethiopia's cooperation and support will continue to be strengthened in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

“Ethiopia has been sacrifying its citizens in order to ensure peace in Somalia by playing a leading role in the peacekeeping mission in the country. The government of Ethiopia is very much interested  to further enhance such cooperation to higher level by creating integration with Somalis in terms of economy, trade, infrastructure network and other sectors with a view to maximizing the benefits of the people of the two countries. And we hope that the new government will play the paramount efforts to realizing this.”

Ethiopia will also work with Somalia for the success of IGAD and African Union joint development plan, Ambassador Dina said.

"We will strengthen our cooperation to strengthen the economic integration that Ethiopia has been working with neighboring countries," Ambassador Dina added.

“The peace and security of the region has been one of the biggest agenda as Al-Shabab was operating in the area. We have been fighting against this group and will continue this together. We can also cooperate with supply of energy in addition to infrastructure networking both in air and land as well as enhancing the trade relation as the existing trade relation is high between the countries.  We have also strong interest to boost the social relations of Ethiopia and Somalia.”

Ambassador Dina said the Somalia's two-year-long postponed election was held in a democratic and peaceful manner yesterday, noting that the Ethiopian government has sent a message of congratulations to the people of Somalia for electing the government they want.

It was learned that Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who led Somalia from 2012 to 2017, became the 10th president of the country, defeating the incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo).

Ethiopian News Agency