Listening to Voices of Grassroots, Sharing Grievances Solve Most Problems: Prof. Ann Fitz-Gerald


May 09, 2022 (ENA) As long as all the parties with grievances and grass-root voices are heard, the national inclusive dialogue would solve at least 80 percent of the problems, International Security Professor, Ann Fitz-Gerald said.

Speaking to ENA, Professor Ann Fitz-Gerald says the national dialogue is a great concept to deal with internal grievances as it enables to air grievances of all groups.

Due to the events that have unfolded over the last few years in the northern regions of Ethiopia, people’s basic human rights are being totally encroached upon, she said, adding as a result of which some people still quite understandably feel bruised.

The professor further stated that as long as all parties with grievances and grass-root voices are heard, the national dialogue would enable us to solve at least 80 percent of problems.

Once feelings of any sort are heard and shared on the table—i.e. being communicated,  most importantly, being listened to, that can solve 80 percent of the problem, she pointed out.

She went on saying: ‘I've worked in other countries where national dialogue has really supported peace, progress, social cohesion, and healing. ’’  

Ann Fitz-Gerald also lauded ‘the makeup of the National Dialogue Commission as commissioners are drawn from most corners of the country.  

For years, due to the form of a governance model that is being used in Tigray by the TPLF, meaningful opposition groups and grassroots level voices have been silenced, she said.

She recommended that with a view to bringing about peace and stability and good inter-regional social cohesion, those silent voices, including those Tigrayans who live elsewhere in other parts of the country, including IDP camps, need to be heard.

Ethiopian News Agency