ITU Launches Digital Transformation Centers in Ethiopia to Enhance Nation’s Digital Capacity


May 09, 2022 (ENA) The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has launched today Digital Transformation Centers Initiative in Ethiopia with a view to enhancing the digital capacities of citizens in the country.

The Digital Transformation Centres (DTC) Initiative was introduced three years ago by ITU in partnership with Cisco with the objective of supporting countries to strengthen digital capacities of citizens, particularly in the underserved communities.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Innovation and Technology State Minister, Huria Ali said Digital Transformation Centers (DTC) Initiative is of crucial importance to digitalize services in education, social, economic, tourism, among other sectors in the country.

DTC will also helps to create internationally competent citizens and institutions through building their digital capacities, she added.

According to her, women and girls as well as the rural community and persons with disability would largely benefit from the Initiative.

ITU Regional Office for Africa Director, Anne-rachel Inne said that the Initiative aims at  enhancing the digital skills of under privileged and marginalized segments of the society through providing capacity building trainings.

ITU Senior Capacity and Skills Development Officer, Mike Nxele stated that DTC Initiative contributes towards achieving the goal of creating digital society and life changing opportunities.

According to Nxele, youth and school leavers, policy makers, startups, SMEs, and emerging entrepreneurs are also among the target beneficial groups of DTC Initiative.

Digital Transformation Program Director at Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Abiyot Bayu on his part said DTC can contribute to realizing the digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy in relation to educational institutions and job sector.

The Initiative will strengthen linkages between job seekers and employees, he noted, adding that DTC initiative will further serve as a platform for collaboration among government, academicians, and civil society and development partners.

Abiyot further underscored that DTC initiative will also help Ethiopia to enhance the use of digital technology for teaching and learning, administration, research, among other purposes.

The Initiative delivers basic digital skills training to enhance digital literacy and foster uptake of digital tools among those at the bottom of the social pyramid, according to ITU. It also provides intermediate digital skills training to provide users with job-ready skills, improve workplace efficiency and enhance chances of employability.

The total population of Ethiopia is estimated to be 112 million that 29.83 percent of the population uses internet service, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency