PM Launches Nat'l Manufacturing Industry Movement to Enhance Competitiveness


May 07, 2022 (ENA)  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched today a national manufacturing industry movement that aims at boosting competitiveness of the sector by solving the bottlenecks.

The movement dubbed ETHIOPIA TAMRIT is a national effort to create a competitive manufacturing industry by solving the multifaceted problems of the sector in a sustainable, integrated and comprehensive manner.

Opening the program, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said "we must be prepared to replicate the successful achievement of the agriculture sector in the manufacturing industry too."

According to him, the manufacturing sector is one of the five priorities of the government; and the collaboration of the private sector is crucial for the envisioned success in the sector.

“Real change can be achieved if the regional governments and manufacturers work together to fulfill their mission,” he stressed.

In addition to the foreign exchange increase to the industries, it is essential that the sector meets the high local demand by focusing on import substitution.  

Abiy stated that the government will provide every support for the manufacturers.

On the occasion, 81 industrialists were given awards for their contributions in generating  foreign exchange, creating jobs, import substitution, and paying taxes honestly.

Industry Minister Melaku Alebel said on his part that the aim of the movement is to create a conducive environment for the sector that contributes to the structural transformation of the economy.

The other objectives are enhancing working culture, improving quality, type and competitiveness of products as well as increasing foreign exchange and ability to replace imported products.

The manufacturing industry sector is projected to grow from 6.8 percent in 2020 to 17.2 percent by 2030, increase its production capacity to 85 percent from the 50 percent target, and increase foreign trade revenue to 9 billion USD from the current 400 million USD from the sector.

Ethiopian News Agency