Elders Optimist that Nat'l Dialogue Would Help Resolve Contentious Issues


May 04, 2022 (ENA) The national dialogue in Ethiopia would enable to resolve years-long contentious national problems in the country, according to elders who spoke to ENA.

Taye Berso, a Sidama elder said the ongoing process of national dialogue is crucial to Ethiopia as it consolidates the unity and integrity of the country.

He noted that the dialogue would help to resolve the disputes which have not been solved for many years.

“I am positive about the ongoing process of the national dialogue since it solves national problems that have not been solved through peaceful dialogue.”

According to him, the dialogue would further pave way for development by reconciling contested domestic issues once and for all.

“The national dialogue helps to reach consensus among Ethiopians on contentious issues rather  than squabbling over issues that have no relevance for this generation. Hence, I believe the dialogue is crucial to collect inputs that would help us in the journey to development,” he elaborated.

Elders of all the nations and nationalities will play their part for the realization of an inclusive, successful and fruitful national dialogue, Taye said, stressing that elders have crucial role in the process and need to be collaborative in working with the National Dialogue Commission.

Negewo Waqeyo, an Oromo elder, said the dialogue will help Ethiopians to uproot divisive attitudes being spread by some elements.

“We all Ethiopians are glad to hear the launching of the process of national dialogue. All nations, nationalities and peoples should stand in unison for prevalence of freedom, peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia. For this, we need the ongoing national dialogue that has to be a foundation for lasting peace.”

The National Dialogue Commission has so far finalized the preliminary preparation phase for the holding of the much anticipated national dialogue since its establishment over two months ago.

Ethiopian News Agency