Diasporas Describe Ethiopia as Emblem for Peaceful Coexistence of Different Religions

Addis Ababa May 2/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopian Diaspora have said that Ethiopia is an emblem of the peaceful coexistence of different religions for centuries and should continue to be so.

Ethiopian Muslims across the country and diaspora who arrived in the country through Eid to Eid initiative have celebrated today the 1443rd Eid Al-Fitr.

UK Eid to Eid Coordinator and member of Ethiopian scholars in diaspora, Sheik Mukhtar Jamal said Ethiopia is an example for the world when it comes to peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among different religions.

“Ethiopia is an example for the world, for different religions living together with solidarity, helping each other, love and peace; we do not tell but we practice it. There is so much for the world to learn from Ethiopia, especially when we are talking about different religions living together,” he noted.

Stating that he had been in different countries, Sheik Mukhtar pointed out that he has never seen such peaceful coexistence among followers of different religion.

Ethiopia is the second home of Islam next to Mecca, he said adding that “you cannot mention Islam without mentioning Ethiopia.”

Applauding the Eid to Eid initiative, Sheik Mukhtar emphasized that it should not be for Ethiopian and Ethiopian origin diasporas  alone,  rather it has to include other nationals too.

Diaspora from US Abdulaziz Muhammed Amin on his part said the Eid to Eid initiative has availed an opportunity to share the Eid celebration with Muslims and non-Muslims and it has to continue in strengthened manner.

The Prophet Muhammad sent his companions to Ethiopia centuries ago, he recalled, adding “so our country Ethiopia is the second Muslim country.”

“Peace and tranquility is necessary and we have to give it priority and we need to work together. When we have peace and tranquility, we can get together like this and pray,” Abdulaziz stated.

Ethiopian News Agency