Religious Fathers Call for Disgracing Conflict Culprits in the Disguise of Religion, Maintain Coexistence

Addis Ababa May 1/2022  /ENA/ Religious fathers have stressed the need for Ethiopians to defy the very objective of conflict perpetrators in the disguise of religion and maintain peaceful coexistence.

On issues of the current national affairs, religious fathers told ENA that followers of the Islamic and Christian religions have coexisted together both in  good and ordeal times.  

Doctrines of both religions dictate the essentiality of helping one another, the religious fathers stated, adding that they should continue in a strengthened manner.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Priest Solomon Tolicha pointed out that Ethiopia is endowed with social essences and values, citing in particular the religious equality and harmonious coexistence.

Followers of the two religions are intermingled, living in love and peace, for a long time, he said, adding that there are many things that demonstrate this peaceful coexistence.

The priest added that the youth must not be emotion-driven and refrain from taking any unnecessary measures.   

He urged the youth to be cautious as some forces whose aims are destabilizing and  dismantling the country are using social media for the purpose of antagonize christians and muslims through their provocative messages.  

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Member and Peace and Reconciliation Department Head, Sheik Muhammad Siraj on his part said that a believer can live even with a beast let alone with human beings.

Failing to observe the guidelines of God will have severe consequences, Sheik Muhammad stated, and stressed that the public should adhere to do the good deeds.

Furthermore, Ethiopians have paid a lot of sacrifice to maintain their unity, he noted, adding that  they need to  also pursue this in a strengthened manner.

Sheik Muhammad further stated that Ethiopia's enemies have been trying for centuries to break off this strong bondage and unity and urged the public to become very vigilant.

According to him, it is crucial to for the public to disgrace the enemy by strengthening their unity and they should not be manipulated by disinformation.

Ethiopian News Agency