Fiche Cambalaalla Promoting Peace, Inclusiveness: Sidama Chief Administrator


Addis Ababa April 28/2022/ENA/ Sidama Chief Administrator, Desta Ledamo said Fiche-Cambalalla, a New Year festival celebrated among the Sidama people is promoting peace and inclusiveness among communities.

Fiche Chamballala, a New Year, among the Sidama people was registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, it was indicated.

The chief administrator, welcomed guests today who came to celebrate Fiche-Cambalalla, which will be marked for the upcoming 15 consecutive days in Hawassa City with various events starting from today.  

In his remarks, the chief-administrator said the Fiche-Cambalaalla festival is the cultural asset of the Ethiopian people  and the world at large.

The festival is a unifying symbol for peace, unity and integrity among the community, he added.

The values of the festival need to be preserved and promoted,  he noted.

He pointed out that this generation has the responsibility to preserve the cultural value and bestow it to the next generation.

As Fiche-Cambalaalla is a global intangible heritage, Desta called on guests and participants  to promote  the values of the heritage.

And more promotional activities should be carried out to attract more tourists to attend the festival.

Ethiopian News Agency