Christians, Muslims in Gondar Vow to Protect Long-standing Peaceful Coexistence


Addis Ababa April 28/2022 /ENA/ Christianity and Islamic followers in Gondar city have expressed their firm commitment to fight any elements that involved in disrupting the historic and longstanding peaceful coexistence among the community.

In a discussion held in Gondar City focused on how to settle the recent violence in a sustainable manner, the two religions followers alongside religious fathers and Amhara regional state high-level officials have reaffirmed their commitment to fight any elements involved in such anti-coexistence incidents.

The regional government for its part stated in its latest statement following the incident that the security forces, religious leaders, elders and peace-loving youths of Gondar are working together to apprehend those involved in the crime and aggravating the conflict.

Similarly, addressing the official opening ceremony of the Eid-to-Eid Great Ethiopian Homecoming in Addis Ababa, on Wednesday,  Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said that the longstanding and exemplary religious co-existence and social cohesion among Ethiopians should be promoted and maintained.

Ethiopian Christians and Muslims had built and preserved a culture of tolerance and peaceful co-existence of about 1,400 years.

Ethiopian News Agency