Eid to Eid ​​Initiative Committee Announces Series Programs as Part of Great Ethiopian Home Coming


Addis Ababa April 26/2022/ENA/ The Eid to Eid Initiative National Committee has announced that a series of programs will be conducted over the next days as part of the Great Ethiopian Home Coming.

The ​​joint Committee Chairperson, Ustaz Abubekir during a press briefing today said the Eid to Eid Initiative will be celebrated with a series of programs in Ethiopia.

“The first Eid Expo will be opened at Exhibition Center tomorrow morning, 27 April, 2022, and  welcoming program will be held in the afternoon for guests who are arriving from abroad. A Grand Ethiopian Street Eftar will also be held on Friday during Solat. Many Eftar programs were held in many towns and cities, but the planned Grand Eftar is expected to excel them, ” Ustaz Abubekir said.

The programs will be used to promote the values of Islam for peaceful coexistence with others and for the benefit of the country, he noted.

Ustaz Abubekir urged participants of the programs to make contributions with a view to supporting the needy and people affected by the conflict and drought.

Ethiopian News Agency