Alliance Ethio-Francaise Working to Bolster Ethio-French Collaboration: Director


Addis Ababa April 25/2022 /ENA/  Alliance Ethio-Francaise is working to boost the relationship and collaboration between Ethiopia and France through cultural and educational cooperation, Alliance Ethio Française Director Mohamed Beldjoudi said.

The director told ENA that Alliance Ethio Française is working in the education and culture to strengthen the collaboration between the two countries.

Alliance Ethio Française has been working with the Hager Fikir Theater in Addis Ababa and had reached agreement to work in collaboration with the recently inaugurated Abrehot Library by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.  

"We are working hard to help young people learn from the French-speaking world, especially in music and the arts," Mohamed Beldjoudi said, adding that Alliance Ethio Française wants to work with other institutions in Ethiopia.

"We are ready to work in partnership with other Ethiopian institutions,” he pledged. “We have a lot of work to do in the coming years.”

The director has further promised for the promotion of Ethiopian women for fair economic growth and youth empowerment as well as the development of the culture of the country.  

“Alliance Ethio Française has always been on the side of Ethiopians. We will continue our development by promoting Ethiopian youth and promoting Ethiopian culture because the world also needs to discover the cultural richness and the historical richness of the country."

Ethiopia is one of the most important countries in Africa with its ancient history and rich culture that impacted the history of the continent, he noted.  

Noting that the Alliance Ethio Française enjoys historic friendship in Ethiopia since 1907, the director pointed out the Alliances Ethio-françaises of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, founded in 1908 and 1907 respectively as well as the beginning of the franco-Ethiopian railway in 1945.

The Alliance Ethio-Française of Addis-Ababa is a non-profit organization fostering cultural and linguistic exchanges between France and Ethiopia since 1907. Its main mission is teaching French language and promoting arts and culture.

Ethiopian News Agency