Colorado Republican Vice Chair Urges Drafters of Outdated HR 6600, S3190 Bills to Listen to Ethiopians


 April 16/2022/ENA/   Colorado Republican Party Vice Chairperson Priscilla Rahn has called on drafters of HR 6600 and S3190 bills to listen to the voice of the Ethiopian people and realized the languages of the bills are outdated.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, she urged the drafters of the bills to listen to the voices of the people who are saying that they don’t need the bills as they are unfair, and they can take care of themselves.

The Ethiopian community is telling the drafters to leave them alone, the vice chairperson added.

“My message to the drafters of the bill is to listen to the people who are (saying) that we don’t need these bills. They are communicating daily to say the bills are unfair. We can take care of ourselves and be left alone. That is the message the Ethiopian community is giving to the drafters of bills.’’

Rahn noted that Prime Minister Abiy has declared humanitarian truce to make sure food and supply are getting to the people of Tigray. He has also made a lot of positive steps to bring peace in the region. That needs to continue without the US interfering.

She advised the US politicians to be very careful about how they try to control other countries, while they have shown difficult situation in controlling issues at own borders, safety issues, and a lot of other issues in America. And yet they are touring around and trying to dictate how other countries should be governed.

According to her, everybody agrees the intention behind the bills focusing on humanitarian aid. The Ethiopians, Tigrayans, Eritreans and everyone wants to end atrocities and they want make sure humanitarian aid reaches the people.

But the problem with the bills they are in favor of the party other than the Ethiopian government, Rahn pointed out, adding that they are also unnecessary at this point because the languages of the bills are outdated.

A lot of issues that were brought to the prime minister have been addressed and also need to talk about.

The Colorado Republican Party Vice Chairperson said if the Biden Administration is leaning in favor of the past regime, then we need to understand why and question our government treat Ethiopia with as much respect possible.

“It raises some questions about why we are interfering in Ethiopia and the democratic process. This means that there are probably some relationships that are there from the past regime of TPLF between this administration and the former regime that we don’t fully understand. So, that needs to become transparent because there is a new government now and that needs to be respected.’’

As there are untold stories, if the drafters of the bills want to get complete and comprehensive view of what is happening, she advised, adding that they should go to the common everyday people. Not just talk to diplomats, government officials, but talk to the people on the ground and get a bigger picture of what is going on.

She further observed that Ethiopians in America are organized and saying NoMore to control, NoMore interference, NoMore war and one-sided propaganda.

Rahn  forecasted that “we are going to see a big impact in the voting here in America where more republicans are going to be elected and we are going to be partners with the Ethiopian community and listen and work together to bring about peace in our country and the country of Ethiopians.’’

The government of Ethiopia is independent and has been elected to govern, she elaborated, stressing that Prime Minister Abiy has already proven he can bring peace, he has already proven up by bringing peace with Eritrea, and has proven to be a great leader by building the economy in Ethiopia.

 The premier deserves to govern his own country and bring his people to peace.

The vice chairperson also appreciated Abiy for the balanced cabinet of men and women.

Rahn underscored that “we should keep in mind that President Biden is the first US president to threaten Ethiopia with sanctions. That has never been done before. So, that raises a lot of questions in the minds of Ethiopians diaspora and the people of Ethiopia.’’

Asked about the impact of the bills on the relations of Ethiopia and USA, she mentioned the last election in Virginia where the Ethiopian community came out in droves to elect republican government.

The vice chairperson expressed her belief that “this will pass once we elect a new president. Our relationship between USA and Ethiopia will be restored back to normal as it is making a very negative impact in our relationships.”  

She finally recommended to the Ethiopian community in America, at home and around the world to consolidate their effort against the bills.

Ethiopian News Agency