Unfettered Humanitarian Access Open To All Conflict Affected Areas: Deputy Prime Minister


April 7, 2022 (ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen said that the government has been reinforcing the smooth flow of humanitarian assistance in the conflict affected areas since it declared humanitarian truce.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen with Minister of Justice, Gedion Timothews jointly briefed ambassadors and heads of international organizations on the rationale behind declaring a humanitarian truce and on other current affairs.

In his briefing, Demeke explained the major challenges that the country has been facing and the government’s proactive measures  to tackle those  protracted problems.

Speaking on the current “indefinite humanitarian truce”, he said that it is a practical response to the humanitarian crises.

He further stated that the humanitarian truce is a pragmatic response to the problems in the northern part of the country particularly, to the people of Tigray.

The government has translated all efforts into visible actions following the declaration of this humanitarian truce, he pointed out.

However, Demeke urged the international community to put pressure on TPLF to end all its obstructive activities and allow the smooth transportation of humanitarian convoys  to Tigray region.

 Briefing the contents of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch report on allegedly committed crimes in Welkait, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister downplayed the report saying that “it is a politically motivated report.”

He added the report is not acceptable; its validity is questionable with numerous political matters the two organizations felt necessary.

Demeke also reaffirmed the commitment of the government for investigation of all alleged   human right violence, crimes as well as to ensure justice in the country.

Ethiopian News Agency