Ethiopia Proposes Launching of Annual East African Multi-Cultural and Art Events


Addis Ababa April 1/2022/ENA/ Culture and Sports and Foreign Affairs ministries have proposed today that the Great Lake and Horn of African countries host multi-cultural and art events in rotation.

In a meeting they held with 8 out of 10 East African countries ambassadors and representatives in Addis Ababa today, officials of the ministries proposed that Ethiopia host the first event before the end of this year.

According to them, the annual events that take place over the years would be geared towards integration and strengthening of social cohesion among the countries.

Culture and Sports Minister Kejela Merdasa said on the occasion that the proposed events are aimed at supporting the economic and political integration process of the East African states at the cultural level.

According to him, art and culture play as catalysts in the socio-economic development and integration of the African continent.

Foreign Affair Spokesperson, Dina Mufti said on his part the events would help "in building a positive image between ourselves through the harmonization of multi-cultural and arts events of diverse peoples in the Horn of Africa."

The events are expected to include exhibitions, music, art, cultural performances, book fairs, and film festivals, he added.

Secretariat Head at Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ahmed Mohammed briefed the ambassadors and representatives of the countries about the proposal.

The multi-cultural and art events would support the political, social, economic, and environmental integration efforts underway in East Africa.

It would also benefit the region through enhancing regional economic, social and local integration and strengthening cultural diplomacy.

Ethiopian News Agency