Nation Preparing Three-Year Development Plan Based on Existing Global, National Situation


Addis Ababa April /2022 /ENA/  The Ministry of Planning and Development has announced that it is preparing a three-year medium-term plan that takes into account the current international and national situations.

The 10-year development plan, which replaced the Growth and Transformation Plan, will serve Ethiopia as a Pathway to Prosperity for the coming years starting from the current to 2029/30 fiscal year.

The crisis induced by the COVID-19 pandemic in the global trade system during the first year of implementation of the plan has been putting pressure on the plan.

State Minister of planning and development, Nemera Gebeyehu said it is time to readjust the plan based on the current situation in the world as the man-made and natural disasters in Ethiopia have been the reasons for existing social, economical and political pressures.

Despite all the odds, Ethiopia has registered 6.3 percent economic growth from the planned 8.5 percent during the last Ethiopian fiscal year, he indicated.

Mentioning that agriculture and mining sectors were better performers during the stated period alongside the encouraging government revenue collection, the state minister said noting that  there are still economic and social problems.

He said that in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as conflicts and natural disasters have been putting pressure on the overall economic situation of the country.

Therefore, he added reviewing these international and national issues and preparing a plan that can be implemented in three years is critical to help address the existing economic challenges.

Accordingly, after reviewing the performance of this fiscal year, a three-year medium-term plan is being prepared for the period 2015 to 2018 Ethiopian Calendar under the 10 year development plan.

The preparation of the plan will be finalized in the coming three months and become operational, he said.

The plan will focus on manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors which are under direct pressure and contribute to generating foreign currency and job creation, the state minister pointed out.

According to him, the social sector will be included in the medium-term plan, especially  education and health which have been directly affected by the war and natural disasters.

Noting that the domestic and international crisis will have a major impact on project cost management, he added that infrastructure construction and project performance will be revised in the medium term plan.

Ethiopian News Agency