Muslims Urged to Support People Affected Due to Natural, Manmade Challenges During Ramadan


Addis Ababa March 31/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President, Mufti Haji Umar Idris has called upon Ethiopian Muslims to support the needy in Ethiopia suffering from different challenges during the holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims around the world will observe Ramadan and fast from before sunrise until sundown for a month. The first day of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan is likely to be Saturday, April 2 if the moon of the new month appears on Friday night.

Delivering his message on Ramadan today, the president said Ramadan is not only a month that Muslims refrain from food and drink, but also a way to draw closer to Allah and avoid selfishness adding that the holy month of Ramadan is a month of collaboration, solidarity, tolerance and benevolence.  

“It is the month of cooperation, support, tolerance and solidarity. I commend this year's Ramadan to be celebrated without any quarrel or hatred. In the face of difference in wealth, power, religion, Islam expounds respect to elders, empathy to the needy and respect the rights of comrades.  I urge you to put aside differences and spend the Ramadan in peace, with duʿâʾ(prayer), Salat and Quran,” he said.   

The president has also underscored the need to support the needy, displaced people due to conflict and drought as well as returnees from Saudi Arabia.

“We have to encourage and assist those affected people. We are in a challenging time. We are hearing of drought affecting people in regions, including Afar, Somali and Oromia.”

Different from the trends of supports that has been provided from religious people to the needy a few years ago, recent conflict and drought in some parts of the country as well as the influx of returnees mainly from Saudi Arabia have ostensibly produced internal displacement, triggering urgent domestic and international assistances, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency