Ethiopia is Strategic Partner for Morocco, Says Ambassador M’hammdi


 March 30/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopia is a strategic partner for Morocco not only in the eastern part of Africa but also at the continental scale, Morocco's Ambassador to Ethiopia Nezha Alaoui M’hammdi said.

Speaking at an event organized by the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP) here in Addis Ababa, she said the relationship and partnership between the two countries has been growing since the historic visit of King Mohammed VI in November 2016.

During his visit in 2016, several ambitious framework agreements were signed, the ambassador added.

According to M’hammdi, the joint development accord signed by the Ethiopian government and OCP Group for the implementation of a fertilizer project in Dire Dawa is among the ambitious framework agreements.  

Upon going operational, the 3.7 billion USD project will contribute to the development of the agriculture sector in Ethiopia as fertilizer is vital for the agricultural sector.

"We need a final push to make the project operational," the ambassador underlined.

M’hammdi added that Morocco is willing to share her expertise in that regard as agriculture remains at the core of the economy.

Ethiopian News Agency