Japan Willing to Help Ethiopia's National Dialogue: Ambassador Takako


Addis Ababa March 29/2022 /ENA/  The Government of Japan is willing to assist Ethiopia's national dialogue, Ambassador Ito Takako said.

The Japanese ambassador to Ethiopia stated that Japan is willing to assist Ethiopia’s national dialogue in cooperation with international organizations or donors without meddling in the political process and holding neutral position.

“National dialogue is a very important process for the entire Ethiopian people, and we are looking for a good start and process by having other people to participate in it. This is an Ethiopian-led process. So we would like to listen to what their needs are because we are willing to help.”

According to her, Japan has various experiences in terms of national reconciliation in other countries.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has established a National Dialogue Commission tasked with facilitating comprehensive national dialogue and reconciliation to heal and solve recurring challenges and build national consensus on key issues to put the country on a solid foundation.

It is important to understand that the Ethiopian people and government are capable of developing their own country, Ambassador Takako observed, adding that Japan is ready to support the development, peace and stability of the country.

“It is important that the Ethiopian people who are capable of developing their own country and for peace and stability to be brought into this. We will work together.”  

The Japanese ambassador also welcomed the recent humanitarian truce announced by the Government of Ethiopia.

“We welcome the announcement of the government of Ethiopia for the humanitarian truce and the succeeding statement from the TPLF. Everyone has to think about the situation of the people on the ground and I think this great country needs to work together for better situation, peace and security.”

Ethiopian News Agency