Germany Sees Ethiopia's Nat'l Dialogue Important to Bring Sustainable Peace: Ambassador Auer


March 26/2022 /ENA/  Germany sees the national political dialogue launched by the Government of Ethiopia an important step to bring sustainable peace to the country, Ambassador Stephan Auer said.

The ambassador told ENA that Germany has a big interest in the economic prosperity and political stability of Ethiopia.

And "we believe that Ethiopia can achieve political stability not by military confrontation but through dialogue," he said.

Moreover, Ethiopia is particularly important for the stability of the Horn of Africa and the African continent in general.

In this regard, the national dialogue launched by the government is an important step to bring sustainable peace to the country, Ambassador Auer stated.   

"We are looking at it (national dialogue) right now. If it goes in the right direction, we will support it," the ambassador added.

In 2019, Germany has signed a reform partnership with Ethiopia to help the government implement economic and democratic reforms.

"We would like to continue that," he said. However, Ethiopia’s political stability is important to continue that, according to Ambassador Auer.

That is why Germany welcome a political process that would enable it to find peace in this country, he elaborated.

The ambassador believes that the Government of Ethiopia is taking encouraging steps like   launching national dialogue, conducting general election, releasing political prisoners, and publishing joint report of the UN, and Human Rights Commission, among others.

Ethiopia and Germany established diplomatic relations on 7 March 1905, and in 1907 the German Embassy moved into its premises on a site provided by Emperor Menelik II, where it is still located today.

Ethiopian News Agency