Nation Can Ensure Food Security by Properly Exploiting Untapped Potentials: Agroeconomist

Addis Ababa, March 17/2022 /ENA/  Ethiopia can ensure its food security and make a difference in agriculture by properly exploiting the untapped potential of the sector, an agro-economist noted.

Speaking to ENA, the agroeconomist Demis Chanyalew said Ethiopia is blessed with enormous natural resources it can develop and ensure food security.

However, the nation is not properly exploiting its potentials to improve the agriculture sector, he noted, adding that only a third of the country's up to 60 million hectares of arable land has been cultivated.

Though the country is also endowed with enormous over ground and underground water resource, agricultural production has been from hand to mouth and the country has been importing food to meet domestic demands.

“We have large area of arable land, sufficient labor force, and water resources as well as  technologies. We need to exploit these resources efficiently and I believe that we can boost our agricultural productivity and make a difference in agriculture sector if we use our resources,” the agroeconomist said.  

Ethiopia needs to effectively exploit agriculture potentials of both urban and rural areas; and the potentials of the country should be run by comprehensive policy and strategy to enhance the country’s agriculture development and ensure food security, Demis stressed.

According to him, programs directed to improve the sector need to have continuity like urban agriculture.

“Agricultural development programs such as extension, agricultural research, inputs and technology supply and dissemination, natural resource development, among others, need to be timely revised,” he underscored.

The agroeconomist said the existing developments in agriculture sector in urban and rural areas, including wheat development through irrigation schemes, are promising.

However, Demis stressed the need for strengthening institutional integration and collaboration among stakeholders.

He stated that there is still gap in collaboration. The agriculture sector of the country needs enhanced integration among federal and regional institutions, public and private sectors, farmers and experts, among others.    

Ethiopian News Agency