HR 6600 One-Sided, Won’t Bring Peace in Ethiopia: Political Science Expert


Addis Ababa March 14/2022 /ENA/ The HR 6600 draft bill will not bring peace and stability in Ethiopia as it is entirely one-sided and ignored the objective realities in the country, a Political Science and International Relations expert said.

The so-called Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and Democracy Act (HR 6600), which aims at imposing sanction against Ethiopia, was introduced by US Representatives Tom Malinowski and Young Kim.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Political Science and International Relations Lecture at Debre Brehan University, Tizazu Ayalew said the bill will not bring peace and stability in Ethiopia as it is entirely biased that attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the country by disrespecting international laws.   

"Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries is among the principles of international diplomatic relations, however, HR 6600 bill is against this  principle,"  The expert said.

Tizazu also stated that the bill has a certain political motive behind as it doesn’t really aim at protecting the interests of Ethiopia and its people.

According to him, the bill has not considered the efforts being made by the government of Ethiopia to bring lasting peace in the northern part of the country.

Noting Ethiopia and US have a multifaceted partnerships including the fight against terrorism he underlined that if the draft bill ratified, the longstanding relationships of the two countries will be ruined.

He called on the actors behind the bill in the government of the US to reconsider the objective realities in Ethiopia and act accordingly.

H.R. 6600 affects not only the people and democratically elected government of Ethiopia but also endangers the interests of the US in the region.  

The government of Ethiopia and Ethiopian diaspora have to also continue opposing the bill by explaining the reality to the pertinent bodies in the US, he urged.

Ethiopians across the globe are denouncing the bill as it doesn’t consider the reality as to the ongoing conflict in the north.   

Ethiopian News Agency