PP Congress Elects Abiy Ahmed President


March 12,2022 (ENA) The First Congress of Prosperity Party has elected Abiy Ahmed president, Adem Farah and Demeke Mekonnen Vice Presidents today.

Abiy Ahmed received 1,480 votes and the two vice presidents, Adem Farah and Demeke Mekonnen, 1,370 and 970 votes each.

Following the election, PP President Abiy told the congress that support in knowledge, labor and any other form is much needed from the members, beyond the votes casted.

“I appeal to you all for support as much as you can so that we can fulfill the historic opportunity given to us to sustain Ethiopia,” he said, adding that “nothing can be changed without your hard work and struggle.”

The president finally expressed his hope that the members would proudly meet at the next congress by registering successful work, if all support the leadership.

Ethiopian News Agency