"United Russia" Extends Congratulatory Message on Occasion of 1st Congress of Prosperity Party


Addis Ababa March 11/2022/ENA/ The Chairperson of the all-Russian political party "United Russia", D. Medvedev has extended a congratulatory message on the occasion of the first Congress of the Prosperity Party of Ethiopia.

In his message, the Chairperson extended to the president of Prosperity Party, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, said Russia considers Ethiopia as one of its reliable partners on the African continent.

He expressed his hope that this forum will become a landmark event in the domestic political life of the state, within which important decisions will be made that are necessary for effective work for the benefit of the people of Ethiopia.

Chairperson pointed out that "UNITED RUSSIA" and the Prosperity Party have friendly relations, backed up by the agreement on interaction and cooperation.  

“I am convinced that our inter-party dialogue will continue to develop progressively, making a significant contribution to building bilateral ties and strengthening stability and security in the region.”

The Chairperson of the all-Russian political party  has invited Abiy to take part in the second international cross-party Forum of Africa's leading political forces on the theme: "Security as a foundation for sustainable development", which is scheduled for May 2022.

Ethiopian News Agency