Sister Parties of PP Express Solidarity, Desire to Strengthen Cooperation with Governing Party


Addis Ababa March 11/2022/ENA/ Leaders of sister political parties participating in the first Congress of Prosperity Party have expressed their solidarity to the governing party and desire to strengthen party-to-party relationship.

African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee and Sub-Committee of Internal Relations Member, Professor Iqbal Jhazbhay said the ANC wishes PP a successful congress, which was officially opened by the president of the party and prime minister of Ethiopia today.

“We are looking forward to the results and outcomes of this first Prosperity Party Congress with immense interests at this juncture and many global geopolitical shifts,” he added.

The professor pointed out that the state of development of Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country, its progresses and achievements under the leadership of PP are placing enormous historic responsibility on the congress.

“Its policy positions and deliberations ,subsequently a direction not only of Ethiopian society, the region of Horn of Africa but also continent development is very far reaching.”

He further stated that ANC enjoys this part of international solidarity and friendship with the Prosperity Party and stands ready to deepen the warm good relationship and consolidate further the bonds of political, diplomatic, academic, culture and diaspora relations.

Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs Department, Fevzi Sanverdi said on his part Ethiopia and Turkey have enjoyed good bilateral relations in multifaceted spheres.

“I am very glad to be here in Addis Ababa in the Congress of Prosperity Party on behalf of Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP). I wish the Congress of the Prosperity Party to be beneficial for all participants,” he stated.

Ethiopia's peace, territorial integrity and stability are important for Turkey, Sanverdi said, adding that “we believe that Ethiopia is capable of overcoming the current challenges through peace and reconciliation.”

Turkey will continue to stand by the friendly and brotherly people of Ethiopia and the government, as it always stands, the deputy chairman reaffirmed.

Vice Chairperson of Uganda National Resistance Movement (NRM), Aleper Simon Peter congratulated the Prosperity Party for its first congress.

He added, the NRM party in Uganda is committed to ensure that ordinary Ugandans come out of poverty and all can meet their basic needs. “We stand together on that.”

According to Peter, NRM is committed to strengthening its cooperation with Prosperity Party for the betterment of the two people as well as capacity building.

Secretary General of the People’s Rally for Progress (RPP) of Djibouti, ILyas Moussa Dawaleh on his part appreciated the vision of Prosperity Party to build strong inclusive economic and social development in Ethiopia.

“The party with the vision of building a strong democratic government and an inclusive economic and social development which ensures equal benefit of the people of Ethiopia is tirelessly working to bring prosperity to the country that also benefits the neighboring countries in the region.”

The secretary general said his party has due respect to the commitment of the Prosperity Party and the Government of Ethiopia for releasing prisoners and for its effort to facilitate national reconciliation.

During the past four years the ruling party under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy has made remarkable efforts to bring regional integration and cooperation with neighboring countries, Dawaleh stated.      

He further expressed his hope that the upcoming national dialogue in Ethiopia will bring a lasting solution for challenges the country has been facing.

“We believe the national dialogue will bring a lasting solution to the overall problems the country has encountered for the last few years. The national dialogue is expected to pave the way for the national consensus so that the country enjoys peace, development and prosperity.”

Vice President and Deputy Chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), Professor James Wani Igga expressed his solidarity and congratulated the Prosperity Party on its first historic congress.

He reiterated that the SPLM is committed to consolidating and promoting party-to-party relations with Prosperity Party.

Ethiopian News Agency