Tigrayans Tired of Terrorist TPLF Fleeing to Neighboring Regions, Eritrea: TDP


Addis Ababa March 11/2022 /ENA/ Many Tigrayans sick and tired of the tyranny of terrorist TPLF are fleeing from Tigray regional state to neighboring regions and Eritrea, according to Tigray Democracy Party (TDP).

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Tigray Democracy Party Public Relations Head Muluberhan Haile said a large number of people have entered neighboring regional states and neighboring country Eritrea in one month alone.

The head pointed out that “the terrorist TPLF has been disseminating propaganda that the people of Tigray are surrounded by enemies and the people have no choice but attack the neighboring country and regional states.”

Many Tigrayan youth have been misguided by this false narrative of TPLF, he said, adding that   the terrorists propaganda is, however, failing and large numbers of people are escaping to the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions as well as Eritrea.

“We have accurate information that many youth are entering neighboring regions. For instance, a large number of youth is entering Kobo town in  Amhara region,” he noted.

The youth are fleeing Tigray region because they hate the tyranny of the terrorist group and want to save their lives as well as liberate their people, the head added.

Though the terrorist TPLF committed heinous acts in Afar and Amhara regions by rejecting the ceasefire declared by the Government of Ethiopia, the people of neighboring Eritrea and regions  are entering and sheltering in those places without any problem.

“We have reports that the terrorist TPLF killed five people who tried to enter Kobo town, and  this shows that the terrorist group is the enemy of people Tigray which kills its own people,” Muluberhan stressed.

The people of Tigray have been paying heavy price as a result of the terrorism of TPLF, he further stated. 

“Since the beginning of the reform, the terrorist TPLF has been trying hard to thwart the reform, but it failed. ”  

According to the head, peace, development and democracy can only be ensured in Tigray by wiping outing the TPLF and its structure. The people of Tigray deserve equality, peace and justice.

Ethiopian News Agency