Federal Gov’t Working Closely with Afar Regional Gov't to Alleviate Sufferings of Civilians


Addis Ababa February 22/2022 /ENA/ The federal government is working closely with the regional government of Afar to alleviate the sufferings caused by the invading terrorist TPLF group, PM Abiy said.
Addressing queries from members of the House of People’s Representatives today, he stated that  the aim of the ongoing attack is to hinder humanitarian assistance from reaching Tigray Regional State.

As a result of this realization, the international community has now no grounds to accuse Ethiopia of blocking aid, he added.

Assessing the general situation in the country, the premier said when one part of the country suffers, the entire country suffers.  

“The attack on Afar is attack on Ethiopia; and attack on Amhara is attack on Ethiopia,” Abiy stressed.

In this regard, the government is working closely with Afar regional state to alleviate the sufferings on the people, he added.

Speaking about the other terrorist group OLF-Shene, the prime minister said the group does not have any objective and does not know for what causes it is struggling.

The terrorist group has been practicing extortion, abusing civilians and killing them.

According to him, the federal government and Oromia regional state have paid heavy sacrifices to fight this group.

Shene avoids direct combat and slaughters innocent people, loots and destroys properties.

The OLF-Shene appear to be hiding among the communities, Abiy stated, adding that the government therefore needs to approach the communities and hold discussions to work out solutions.

Ethiopian News Agency