No Negotiation Held with TPLF So Far: PM Abiy


Addis Ababa, February 22/2022 /ENA/ No negotiation has taken place so far between the federal government of Ethiopia and the terrorist group TPLF, PM Abiy told members of the House of People's Representatives.

Asked about the authenticity of the rumor about negotiations between the government and the terrorist TPLF, the premier responded that there “has not yet been any negotiation. Of course, I also hear a lot about negotiation going on. But there are no negotiations thus far.”

However, he added that this does not mean that there will not be negotiation.

“Just because we have not negotiated does not mean that we will not do so,” Abiy stated.

The premier stressed that Ethiopia would pursue all approaches, including negotiation, discussion and even the ultimate price war, as long as those maintain peace and stability as well sovereignty of the nation.

“Since we invest our money and sacrifice our lives to strengthen Ethiopia and bring a lasting peace, it is important to welcome negotiation by suppressing our emotions,” he elaborated.  

Challenged about the legitimacy of his government in releasing some TPLF prisoners, including the terrorist group founder Sebhat Nega, Abiy said the release was aimed at sustaining the security of the country and consolidating the victory in war through peace.

He also mentioned the benefits obtained by releasing some of the prisoners.

“We must be careful not to fall prey to traps of the enemy. Forgiveness should be practiced at  national level. All we have to do now is look beyond the past. We released the prisoners for three reasons: to bring lasting peace and consolidate our victory as well as by taking into consideration the situation of the prisoners.”

Abiy went on to explain that there is no such thing as total triumph in a civil war. When one side wins a combat, the other party is momentarily defeated and this is known as temporary victory.

“The defeated party would then regain its strength and attack. As a result, true triumph necessitates victory in the realm of peace. This decision has greatly helped Ethiopia. Hence we must not compromise on decisions reached for the lasting good of the country,” the PM underscored.

Ethiopian News Agency