Russian Ambassador, Education Minister Agree to Continue Cooperation


February 09, 2022 (ENA) Russian Ambassador E. Terekhin and Education Minister Professor Berhanu Nega have agreed to continue mutually beneficial cooperation for the benefit of their countries and peoples, according to the Russian Embassy in Ethiopia.

Professor Berhanu and Ambassador Terekhin held talks at the office of the minister today.

During the meeting, a lively exchange of views on the prospects for bilateral cooperation in science and education and the strengthening of its legal framework took place, it was learned.

The minister briefed the ambassador in detail about plans for reforming these areas in Ethiopia.

The official noted with satisfaction the long-standing tradition of training highly qualified specialists from Ethiopian nationals in Russia.

A great contribution to the training of Ethiopians was made by Russian professors who worked here in different periods of history, the embassy noted.

A true symbol of friendship between the people of the two countries is the Bahr Dar Polytechnic Institute, which has now become a university. This old higher education institution gave a start in life to many thousands of Ethiopians that who now constitute the intellectual elite of their country.

Ethiopian News Agency