UN To Provide Humanitarian Support to Displaced People in Afar region: UN Deputy Chief


Addis Ababa February 9/2022/ENA/ The UN will provide the necessary humanitarian support to people displaced in Afar region of Ethiopia, Deputy-Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Amina J. Mohammed affirmed.

President Sahil-work Zewde, the UN Deputy Secretary-General and former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo are paying a visit in Afar region to see people affected due to the conflict and other related challenges.

They have today discussed with officials of the regional state and elders on the situation in Semera, capital of Afar Region.  

During the occasion, the UN Deputy Secretary-General said the problem in Ethiopia has been causing serious humanitarian crisis, particularly claiming the lives of women, children and elders.  

She said that the UN will play its part in order to settle the problem with discussion and understanding.

The Deputy Secretary-General has also affirmed UN’s readiness to provide the necessary humanitarian support to the people displaced due to the conflict and other related challenges.    

President Sahilwork, for her part said that the conflict had claimed the lives of several innocent people including women and children appreciating the people of Afar for the courage they demonstrated to defend the sovereignty of Ethiopia.

The Chief Administrator of Afar Region, Awol Arba said the existing partnership with the UN has been contributing a lot to the development and expansion of social infrastructures in the region.

However, he pointed out that the livelihood of the people in the region has now been worsening due to the invasion of the terrorist TPLF as the group is engaged in killings and attacking innocent people and animals.

The group has carried out attacks using  heavy weapons in Ab’ala, Arbity, Megale, Berhale and kunba districts of the region, inflicting substantial damages on women, children and elders as well livestock, he added.  

The attacks have also been damaging several infrastructures including health facilities, schools.  

According to the Chief Administrator, more than 1.3 million pastoralists have been seriously affected due to the invasion of the terrorist group in 21 districts of the region. Out of the total affected, more than 600, 000 are displaced from their homes.

On several occasions, some members of the international community have been unjustly accusing the government of Ethiopia for the humanitarian crisis in the northern part of Ethiopia by giving a deaf ear to the atrocities being committed by the terrorist group in Amhara and Afar regions.

Ethiopian News Agency