Czech Republic Keen to Bolster Longstanding Ties


Addis Ababa February 8/2022/ENA/ Czech Republic wants to further bolster its longstanding ties with Ethiopia in economic, education, and tourism sectors, Ambassador Pavel Mikes said.

Speaking with ENA, the ambassador said his country wants to boost its relationship with Ethiopia, especially in economic, social, and tourism sectors.

Czech Republic is currently very active in supporting development projects in Ethiopia, mainly reforestation, water sanitation, prevention of soil erosion, among others, he added.

Yet, ‘‘we should increase our relationship especially in economic, social, and tourism areas in the future,’’ he added.

According to him, ‘‘Ethiopia is safe to tourism in most parts of the country, and it is a good time to visit Ethiopia.’’

Czech-Ethiopian relationship has always been good no matter which government is in power in the two countries, Ambassador Mikes noted.  

He further revealed that the cooperation in education between the two countries has been expanding.  

A group of Czech scientists from West Bohemia University were here recently in Ethiopia as the university has close relationship with Jimma University.

Mendel University from the second biggest city, Brno, has also intensive projects in Ethiopia in the field of forestry. The university is studying Boswellia papyrifera tree which is endemic to Ethiopia.

In the future we want to strength this cooperation between universities, Ambassador Mikes said.

Regarding economic and trade relations between the two countries, he pointed out that they are growing by the day.

Among the products that Ethiopia exports to the Czech market are coffee, lentils, peas, beans and quality clothes. Czech Republic exports machineries, chemicals and hospital equipment to Ethiopia.

The ambassador stressed that there is a lot of room for development in tourism. He said, ‘‘Ethiopia has a lot to offer. There is a lot to see here; be it history, landscape, and culture.’’

Ethiopian News Agency