Obasanjo Visiting Human, Material Damages Caused by TPLF in Amhara Region


Addis Ababa February 7/2022/ENA/ Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo arrived in Kombolcha town of Amhara region today to visit the devastations caused by the terrorist TPLF during its invasion.

Upon his arrival at Kombolcha Airport on Monday, Obasanjo was welcomed by officials of Amhara Regional State.

The former president will visit the human and material damages inflicted by the terrorist group, it was learned.

After his arrival, Obasanjo has visited Kombolcha Polytechnic College and Kombolcha General Hospital.

During the visit, Obasanjo was briefed about the magnitude of destruction that occurred on the facilities.

Kombolcha Polytechnic College Dean, Melaku Aragaw told Obasanjo that the terrorist TPLF had not only looted and damaged the college but turned the place into a mass grave.

Medical Director of Kombolcha General Hospital, Dr. Tefera Gobeze on his part explained to  Obasanjo the inhuman deeds of TPLF and their deliberate and calculated destruction of health facilities.

The Chief Administrator of South Wollo Zone, Abdu Hussien told ENA that during his stay in the town Obasanjo will visit the atrocities committed and devastations caused by the terrorist TPLF.

After his visit, the former Nigerian President is expected to hold discussion with officials of the region and other stakeholders, he added.  

Ethiopian News Agency