Building Stability, Doing Business Ensure Development in Africa, Says DRC Chief of Staff


 February 4/2022/ENA/ Building stability in Africa and doing business among Africans are the best ways of ensuring development in Africa, DRC Chief of Staff for Ministry of Regional Integration Professor Pashi said.

Democratic Republic of Congo Chief of Staff for Ministry of Regional Integration, Professor Claver Lumana Pashi told ENA that Africans need to build the stability of Africa and do business among themselves to ensure development of the continent.

“I think the best way for Africa to ensure its development is through doing business with other African countries. We should not continue to depend on aid from Western countries but use our resources wisely. Africa must unite to develop,” he stressed.

According to him, the mechanism of economic development of Africa must come from Africa itself. It must put economic strategies in place for its own development and Africans have to deal with African problems, find African solutions to African problems.

The chief of staff further stressed the need for reinforcing bilateral relations between countries and strengthening economic blocks in the continent.

Africans need to also build on the stability of African countries and the leadership should limit the conflicts disturbing Africa, the professor pointed out.

“Politically, we need to build on the stability of African countries so that leadership can be shown by limiting the conflicts disturbing us. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but we have got a conflict that has been going on for more than 20 years. That kind of conflict cannot allow us to develop economically because the area where the conflict takes place has a lot of resources. So, Africa has to be united to put an end to that kind of conflict.”

Professor Pashi underscored that the leadership of African Union needs to also encourage countries to unite and put economic development strategies in place along with those lines which can help Africa develop .

Ethiopian News Agency