African Countries Should Own Regional Navigation System


Addis Ababa February 3/2022/ENA/ It’s high time for African countries to unite and own continental navigation systems, according to the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute Director-General.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute Director General, Abdissa Yilma, said African countries must stand together and firm towards owning continental navigation system.

We are using the global navigation and positioning system, from other countries, he stated and stressed “that makes us very susceptible in terms of national security.”

“In the next 20 to 30 years, Africa needs to have its own continental navigation system; and building such navigation system cannot be achieved by a single country given our economic resources. Therefore, we need to come together and combine our resources and build continental navigation system,” Abdissa elaborated.

According to the Director General, asteroid mining, which is the next potential source of wealth, is growing rapidly, where multinational giant companies are investing in it.

Mentioning that this could be realized in the future generation, Abdissa noted that at least African countries need to discuss about the issue.

The Director General emphasized “so for that we need to get prepared because our voice should be heard at international forums and the space resource should be shared fairly and equally.”

Evidence reveals that space science program is at its infant stage in the continent with few countries engaging in it including South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco and Kenya recently.

There is no doubt that it will have exponential economic impact for every country is turning into digital economy.

Ethiopian News Agency