Appointment of Ambassadors Based on Career, National Interest


Addis Ababa January 27/2022/ENA/ The appointment of the ambassadors is based on careers and maintaining of national interest, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

President Sahle-Work Zewde has appointed 27 ambassadors yesterday.

In his weekly media briefing, Spokesperson of the ministry Dina Mufti said the career is the major focus when it comes to appointing these ambassadors.

“Ethiopia has appointed 27 ambassadors this week. The yardstick for appointing these ambassadors is actually to maintain national interest, capacity of ambassadors and career development;  also  spirit of reform is also considered,” he stated.

There will be different models of diplomats as well he said, adding “We will have resident ambassadors, non-resident ambassadors and ambassadors with limited man power as well.”

Of course, there is an intention of deploying all potentials of public diplomacy when it comes to promoting the national interest of the country, according to Dina.    

Furthermore, the spokesperson stated in general strengthening and promoting diplomacy through Ethiopians in the diaspora will also be good for the country.

Moreover, Spokesperson said that the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussion with UK’s Minister for Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Vicky Ford about current issues in Ethiopia and the relationship between the two countries last week.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Redwan Hussien had also  discussion with Ford and briefed the current situation in the country, who had said the need to hold people accountable for sexual assaults in conflict areas.

He stressed the commitment of the government to look into the matter, noting the cooperation during the joint investigation of UN-EHRC, Dina said.

UK’s Minister for Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Vicky Ford appreciated the decision of the government of Ethiopia not to lead its military forces into the Tigray region as a commitment for peace in Ethiopia.

Dina added that Ford also applauded the release of prisoners as a good sign from the Ethiopian government and ongoing efforts to have an all-inclusive dialogue for lasting peace in Ethiopia.

State Minister Ambassador Redwan Hussein had also discussion  with the Regional Director of the World Food Program, Michael John Denfor, regarding  humanitarian support in Ethiopia last week.

WFP has plans to provide 700 tons of food aid in Ethiopia, including affected people in the Amhara and Afar regions, it was indicated.

Ethiopian News Agency