Terrorist TPLF Continues Blocking Humanitarian Aid from Reaching Tigray


January 27/2022/ENA/  The terrorist TPLF has continued using hunger as a political weapon by blocking humanitarian aid from entering in Tigray region, according to Government Communication Service.

Government Communication Service Minister, Legese Tulu told the media today that even if  the federal government facilitated air and road transport services to help partners deliver humanitarian support for Tigray region, the terrorist group is disrupting aid flow.   

The road from Semera to Mekele through Ab’ala corridor has been blocked due to the series of provocative attacks of the TPLF, he added.  

Over the past few days alone, a number of trucks loaded with food and medicine were forced to return back as a result of the latest attacks carried out by the terrorist TPLF in the area after traveling many kilo meters.

This demonstrates the fact that the terrorist group is still using hunger as a weapon of war, the minister noted.

Legese further stated that economic and social services providing institutions located in areas  liberated from the terrorist TPLF in Amhara and Afar regions have now become fully operational.

The people in these areas have also been engaged in agricultural development activities. Moreover, basin development and irrigation development works are being carried out in a consolidated manner.

The minister also pointed out that the federal government, in collaboration with regional governments, is striving to provide the necessary support for people affected by drought in various parts of Ethiopia .

Relief food aid, animal fodder, medicine and water are being supplied to the affected communities that still need assistance.

He urged stakeholder organizations and the public to play their part in providing support to the victims.

The drought affected areas are most zones of Somali region; Borena, Guji and dry lands of Bale in Oromia region as well as few woredas in South Omo zone Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples region.

Ethiopian News Agency