Addis Ababa Safer Than Most American Cities, Says World Vision Nat'l Director


January 26/2022/ENA/  Addis Ababa is safer than most American cities in terms of security, according to World Vision National Director Edward Brown.

‘‘I lived in Washington DC and I would say that Addis Ababa is safer than Washington DC, safer than Chicago and safer than many other US cities in terms of crimes and in terms of sense of security.’’

The national director also said his family, including his wife and daughter, feels much safer in Addis Ababa.

The only thing that I would say about Addis Ababa is the traffic is not safe. You have to drive very carefully, he added.

It is well known that the U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa has kept on urging U.S citizens in Ethiopia to depart as soon as possible using commercially available options.

It has been months since the embassy on its web site claimed that the security situation in Ethiopia remains concerning and can deteriorate without warning.

Some of the major Western media have also been echoing the false information with regard to the safety and security of Addis Ababa.

Despite these and other orchestrated campaigns, the African Union has decided to hold the 35th African Union Head of States summit on February 5. 2022.

Ethiopian News Agency