Nat’l Dialogue Instrumental to Reaching Consensus among Political Elites: Seasoned Politician


Addis Ababa January 25/2022/ENA/ National dialogue would help to reach a consensus among mainly the political elites on the most fundamental issues of the country, Ethiopian Social Democratic Party Chairman and seasoned politician Professor Beyene Petros said.

The professor told ENA that there is a long-standing political polarization and extreme views among the elites of the country and the political differences have become obstructive for national unity.

The political rift among Ethiopian elites on fundamental issues, especially those which require national consensus, is still creating obstacles to building a democratic system, ensuring peace and stability as well as growth and development, he added.

The seasoned politician recalled that Ethiopia had many low-level national reconciliation consultative forums that were conducted after the fall of Derg regime.

There were attempts to hold the national reconciliation since the fall of the Derg regime. There had been many reconciliation efforts that I have personally participated in and led. But they were  not inclusive because they failed to reach the people and did not give the desired, he elaborated.

As a result, those processes did not bear fruit.

However, the anticipated national dialogue could be the best platform in which all segments of the society beyond the political elites of the country would participate, the chairman stated.   

According to him, the national dialogue would establish wide-ranging commissions and formulate a strategy to discuss issues from the bottom-up.

Professor Beyene pointed out that he thinks this consultation is not really about past historical problems but about shaping the future of the country. That will be a great hope for the country.

National reconciliation forums have proved effective in many countries facing similar challenges, the seasoned politician said, underlining that the Ethiopian national dialogue is a highly anticipated platform that would heal wounds, build a consensus on key issues and help the country to solve its complex problems.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission was established in late December, 2021.

Ethiopian News Agency