French Ambassador to Ethiopia Visits Infrastructure Damaged by Terrorist TPLF, Pledges Assistance


January 21/2022/ENA/  French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Rémi Maréchaux has visited Wollo University and Dessie General Specialized Hospital that were damaged by the terrorist TPLF group.

During the visit, Wollo University President and Dessie Hospital Manager explained about the damages incurred to the delegation led by Ambassador Maréchaux.

Wollo University President, Mengesha Beyene said the TPLF group looted properties of the university and destroyed what it could not take.

The looting and damage was so rampant that it is not in a position to start operation any time soon, he added.

According to the president, the ambassador has pledged to support the rehabilitation of the university during their discussion.

He has also promised to enhance technology use and exchange of experiences by creating network with counterpart universities.  

Even if the organized terrorist TPLF group inflicted heavy damages on the laboratory facility, ICT infrastructure and dormitories as well as dinning and teaching and learning buildings, the president revealed that the university will resume classes in March 2022 the latest.

Wollo University had more than 26,000 students before the invasion, it was learned.

Mengesha further noted that the visit made by the French delegation will help expose the lies of the foreign media.

Dessie General Specialized Hospital Manager, Dr. Haimanot Ayele said on his part that the hospital used to serve inhabitants of East Amhara Zone, Afar region and part of Tigray regional state.

However, the hospital was totally looted and destroyed by the terrorist group that harbors deep resentment  towards the people, the manager added.

According to him, the hospital has started serving the public following the integrated effort to  restore it.

Dr. Haimanot also said the ambassador has promised to extend assistance to the hospital.

Ethiopian News Agency