PM Abiy Extends Best Wishes for Timket Festival

January 18,2022 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today extended best wishes to Ethiopian Christians upon the celebration of the Timket festival, (Ethiopian Epiphany) which commemorates baptism of Jesus Christ in River Jordan.

In his message, the premier said that one of the magnificent stories of God’s love for mankind is demonstrated when he was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River in which he showed  his love, humbleness and dignity.  

Ethiopia needs eternal love that should not be based on preconditions, the prime minister  underlined.  

“If we truly love our country, we should not be changed by any kind of reactions. Whether our name is glorified or not, our attainment is known by people or not, people admire us or not. If we are appreciated by people or not, if there are things that make us happy or not, the love for our country shouldn't  change.”

The premier added that Ethiopia today needs someone to bear its burdens, to accept its sufferings and to lift it up.

Stressing the need to show forgiveness by avoiding vengeance, he called on all Ethiopians to stand together for the sake of the poor and victims.

The prime minister said that when Timket celebration comes, Ethiopia shines.

“The influx of believers and visitors coming from all over the world is massive. Ethiopians and Ethiopian descent living abroad have recently arrived in Ethiopia and yearned for the social gatherings that take place during the festivities,” he noted.

Ethiopia is endowed with immense cultural, religious and historical heritages; Abiy said adding that Epiphany is one of the intangible heritages that the nation is proud of.

“If we work to promoting the festival in parallel with our tourism activities, the celebration of Epiphany would undoubtedly increase the nation’s attractions and its contribution to the economy,”  he underlined.

Ethiopian News Agency