Ethiopia’s Tourism Shows Rapid Resurgence since Arrival of Diaspora: Ministry of Tourism


January 15,2022 (ENA) The Ethiopian tourism sector which stagnated for a while due to the emergence of COVID-19 outbreak and security issues is booming following the arrival of the Diaspora, according to Ministry of Tourism.

Briefing the media on Friday, State Minister Selamawit Dawit said the national events in hosting the diaspora have been held as per the schedules so far.

Ethiopian Timket (Epiphany) is one of the holidays which is colorfully celebrated every year by Christianity followers and is registered by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage.

The preparations of ‘Timket in Gondar’, where the diaspora will participate have finalized as per schedules, she pointed out.

As Timket will be celebrated in the historic city of Gondar, various events will be held including investment forums, exhibitions and bazaars and entertainments.

Stating that the diaspora and foreign tourists are already arriving in Gondar,  up to 4 flight services are available per day, she said, adding  more than 11 flights per day will be held in the coming days.

"Many members of the diaspora and other foreign tourists are also flocking to Gondar. Next Monday to Tuesday, 17-18 January, there will be more than 11 flights per day”.

According to information received from the Amhara Region, panel discussions which target to promote and explore investment and business opportunities in and around Gondar will be held alongside other exhibitions and bazaars.

Such mobilization is critical to the revival of  the tourism sector which has been stagnated due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and conflict related issues, according to the state minister.  

Highlighting that the return of the diaspora has created a good opportunity for resurgence of the tourism sector in particular, Selamawit said alongside the efforts being undertaking in mobilizing the sector, efforts will also be  intensified to further enhance domestic tourism.

The arrival of the diaspora has led to a sharp rise in the tourism sector,  the hotels and service sectors, she pointed out.

Ethiopian News Agency