Nat'l Dialogue Crucial to Create Trust, Bondage among Ethiopians: Destiny Ethiopia Initiative


The national dialogue will create opportunity for trust and bondage among Ethiopians, according to Destiny Ethiopia Initiative.

Destiny Ethiopia Initiative, which is an indigenous NGO established in December 2019 in response to the current political circumstances in Ethiopia, has been working to enhance the culture of resolving conflicts through dialogue.

In a discussion forum it initiated, Destiny Ethiopia posed the question: “Where would Ethiopia be in 20 years?”

Head of the organization, Nigussu Akililu said out of the four scenarios outlined during the discussion, all the 50 Ethiopian participants showed strong desire for “Dawn on Ethiopia.”

To realize the wish, building neutral institutions, national reconciliation and dialogue as well as resolving challenges through round-table discussion are important, he underscored.

In the light of this, the planned national dialogue is necessary and of immense importance, the head, said adding that all stakeholders starting from the ruling government have to play their roles and responsibilities to make the national dialogue a success.

The initiative to establish the national dialogue commission is a great decision and a positive move by the government as it will engage all concerned parties in the process, Nigussu stated.

Pointing out the experiences of other countries about the significance of holding national dialogue, the head said all the experiences across the world show that national dialogue played vital role in creating strong bondage and strengthened relations among people.

To mention a few, he cited the national dialogues which took place in South Africa, Colombia, and Tunisia as models.

Nigussu stressed that agendas of consultations depend on the objective reality of the countries.

“Some countries used it repeatedly and the experiences of the countries proved that the dialogues created strong bondage among all actors involved in the dialogue. Some used the forums to change their constitutions. Others to solve conflicts and disagreements.”

For the national dialogue to succeed in Ethiopia, national issues have to be identified carefully and discussed calmly.

Moreover, active participation of Ethiopians is a must, Nigussu noted.

Ethiopian News Agency