Diaspora Agency Organizes Fund Raising Events for Rehabilitation


Addis Ababa, January 13/2022/ENA/ Fund raising events a football match and a dinner party, will take place in Addis Ababa as part of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge, the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency announced today.

Briefing journalists, Agency Diaspora Community Development Coordinator Nebiyu Solomon  said the events are aimed at raising funds for rehabilitation and enhance solidarity among Ethiopians at home and the diaspora.

The dinner party will be held at the Grand Palace Banquet Hall on January 16,2022; and the payment to join the program ranges from 300 to 1,000 US Dollar, he added.

Up to 1 million USD is expected from the dinner party.

The football match is going to take place on January 22, 2022 at Abebe Bikella Stadium between teams drawn from football players of the diaspora on the one side and football players at home on the other, it was learned.

Tickets for the football match cost from 50 to 100 US Dollars.

The agency expects more than 15,000 spectators at the football match.

Ethiopian News Agency