Ministry Emphasizes Role of Diaspora, Private Sector in Transforming Technology and Innovation in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, January 13/2022/ENA/ The role of the Ethiopian Diaspora and the private sector is crucial in transforming Ethiopia into a middle-income country by 2030 through technology and innovation investments, according to Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Speaking at a panel organized with the view to driving technology and innovation knowledge and investment of the diaspora to Ethiopia, Innovation and Technology State Minister Baysa Bedada said the technology and innovation sector is among the priority sectors identified to realize the Home Grown Economic Reform and make Ethiopia a middle income country by 2030.

“The role of the diaspora, private sector and academics is high in transforming the estimated 115 million citizens to prosperity,” he added.  

The state minister noted that the government has been carrying out reforms in technology and innovation as well as development and investment in the sector by revising laws and putting in place encouraging incentives that attract investments to the various opportunities.

According to him, Ethiopia has ample investment opportunities for the diaspora and the private sector in space science, biotechnology, geospatial, ICT development, agriculture, health, mines, energy and tourism.

In order to enhance technology and innovation sector development and attract investment, the government has been undertaking many reforms, including the revision of science and innovation policy as well as the introduction of incentives to create conducive situation for investment, Baysa pointed out.

"The ministry is committed to resolve challenges investors face in the process and create conducive environment to private sector investors." 

He stated that the Ethiopian Diaspora can play key role in the technology and innovation sector through knowledge transfer, conduct of research, engagement in investment, and promotion of  investment opportunities.

Ethiopian News Agency