Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Notes Change of Attitude of Some Foreign Powers on Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, January 13/2022/ENA/ There is the change of attitude on the part of some foreign powers that were exerting undue pressure on Ethiopia, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

In his weekly media briefing, the spokesperson said “all we want to say is due to the change of the situation on the ground, especially on the military front, and the diplomatic efforts underway  by Ethiopia citizens, including the diaspora, there is a change of attitude on the part of some foreign powers that were exerting undue pressure on Ethiopia.”   

He added that this change will hopefully go extra mile until this totally turns around.

Dina further recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had phone conversation with President  Biden on current issues in Ethiopia, and bilateral relations as well as regional issues.

According to the spokesperson, the premier briefed the president on the status of Ethiopia's law operations in the northern part of the country as well as the efforts being made by the government to address issues in relation to humanitarian assistance, human rights, and the ongoing reconstruction throughout the country.

Both leaders agreed to continue engagement, strengthen bilateral relations and work collaboratively on matters of mutual concern, he said.

The spokesperson also revealed the huge diaspora presence in Ethiopia, together with friends of Ethiopia.

As a result, various activities, including symposiums on pan-Africanism and the role of diaspora, and diaspora investment, among others, have been underway.

Moreover, a forum which discussed the contribution of Ethiopians in the diaspora in supporting rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in areas affected by the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia was conducted.

Ethiopian News Agency