Challenges Have Unified Ethiopia, Brought Nation Together: British Writer

Addis Ababa January 12/2022/ENA/ An independent British writer and charity worker, Graham Peebles, said the challenges Ethiopia faced during the past months has brought the population together in defense of foreign and domestic enemies.

The writer who lived for two years working with acutely disadvantaged children and conducting teacher training programs in Ethiopia noted that “one of the most positive things to come out of the conflict is the unification of Ethiopia.”

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Peebles said “I've written many times about the need for unity in Ethiopia and the need to heal the fragmentation, challenges as well as extreme ethnic polarization --- the biggest danger for the country. Obviously, the leadership of TPLF had introduced a  divisive leadership and system deliberately to this country,” he underscored.

It is a public knowledge that the terrorist TPLF with the tacit approval of some Western powers, attacked the national army and invaded  the Amhara and Afar regional states.

The writer pointed out that the conflict gave Ethiopians the opportunity to know their enemies  and friends. Above all, it brought about the population of the country together in defense of foreign and domestic enemies.

“What the conflict has provided is a series of common enemies to the Ethiopian people and friends of Ethiopians. You have the TPLF, which everybody hates; the Americans which now everybody hates; and the international corporate media which nobody trusts. So the Ethiopian people and everybody who cares deeply about Ethiopia have been rolled together in defense and therefore attack against those three forces.”

He added that Ethiopian solidarity, both at home and abroad, has exposed the duplicitous, dangerous and violent approaches of the Western powers to dismember Ethiopia.

Peebles appreciated particularly the Ethiopian Diaspora who have been in the forefront to thwart the pressure against their motherland. The Ethiopian Diaspora are also mobilizing a significant amount of money, materials, and all sorts of things to displaced people.

Commenting about the #NoMore Movement, he said the movement has now engulfed the Horn of Africa and beyond.

“ I think there are two  movements taking place in the world concurrently towards cooperation and brotherhood. And that has been expressed in Ethiopia with the people coming together and the #NoMore Movement is an example of that…… The nature of the times will inevitably move us towards greater levels of unity. And what's happening in Ethiopia is a wonderful example of that,” the writer elaborated.

Ethiopian News Agency