Diaspora Investment Forum to Promote Ethiopia's Investment Potential Kicks off

January 11,2022 (ENA) A four-day diaspora investment and exhibition forum opened today with a view to promoting investment potentials in different sectors across Ethiopia.

During the forum, that attracted more than 800 Ethiopian Diaspora, Ministers and heads of different government institutions presented their respective investment opportunities available for interested members of the Diaspora.

Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner Lelise Neme on the occasion called on the Diaspora to invest in their areas of interest and promote the untapped economic potential in Ethiopia.

“We hope that 50 percent of the 800 Ethiopian Diaspora participating in this forum will invest in Ethiopia,” Lelise said.

Ethiopia has immense and untapped investment potential in agriculture, industry and service sectors, especially in the industrial parks, manufacturing, health, logistics and tourism, it was indicated.

“I call up on the Diaspora to invest in the country and promote the economic potentials of Ethiopia as ambassadors,” the commissioner urged.

The commission has attracted 1.34 billion USD Foreign Direct Investment in the first five months of this year.

"This is encouraging especially in the challenging time and indicative of the untapped potential and investment opportunities in the country," she added.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Redwan Hussen lauded the struggle of the Ethiopian Diaspora to defending the interest of their country and insisted them to invest in Ethiopia to contribute their part in strengthening the economy.

“Political supremacy can only be achieved by building strong economy,” Redwan underscored.

The diaspora should repeat the struggle that started bearing positive results in resisting undue external pressure and interference by investing in Ethiopia and strengthening the economy, the state minister added.

Industry Minister, Melaku Alebel on his part said the political and economic reform being underway in Ethiopia is creating favorable investment opportunities.

The minister noted that the government is aware of the challenges investor face and is addressing through the reform.

“We are aware of the bureaucratic red tapes at different levels of administration in the country and we are working to resolve such obstacles for investors,” Melaku pointed out responding to question posed from the Diaspora.

The national investment and exhibition forum as well as sideline events and visits will stay open until January 14, 2022.

Ethiopian News Agency