Members of Diaspora Express Readiness to Support Rehabilitation Efforts in Amhara, Afar Regions


January 11/2022/ENA/  Members of the Diaspora from USA and Saudi Arabia have expressed their readiness to provide support short and long-term rehabilitation efforts for victims of the terrorist TPLF in Amhara and Afar regions.

Speaking to ENA, Dereje Abebe from the US said he has been coordinating the Ethiopian Diaspora living in West Coast of the United States to support Ethiopians affected by the invading  terrorist TPLF.

According to him, the need to rehabilitate the victims and rebuild destroyed infrastructures is so huge that it needs shared responsibility of the diaspora and the Government of Ethiopia.

“The damage and the need is huge. This is a shared responsibility that the diaspora as well as the government will work together. So, there will be short and long-term plans. For immediate plans, we will get the details from the ministries. And per the challenges we are provided, we will be coordinating help to our people in that area.”

Haile Yeshaneh, who came from the same country, stated that “we never thought people will do this kind of damage. So, we are very saddened by the destruction; and we are here to support the victims.”

He revealed that he came to Ethiopia with medical equipment, medicines and some clothes to victims of the war.

Furthermore, Haile said he plans to engage in the One Diaspora for One Family Challenge and  participate in rehabilitation initiatives.

A member of the diaspora from Saudi Arabia, Mulugeta Gebretsadik said on his part he has been mobilizing Ethiopians in cooperation with the Ethiopian consulars and communities in the Middle East.

So far, the engagement of Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain, among others, is encouraging, he added.

“We are ready to contribute our share to the efforts of reconstructing health, education, and transport infrastructures, among other sectors, as well as the rehabilitation of persons whose homes and properties have been destroyed,” Mulugeta pointed out.

Ethiopian News Agency