American Professor Calls on Ethiopian Diaspora Influence USA to Change Wrong Stance on Ethiopia

January 11/2022/ENA/ The Ethiopian Diaspora should influence the US government to change its wrong stance on Ethiopia, the Ethiopian-born American Professor Abate said.

In an exclusive interview with, Texas Southern University Professor Abate Tadesse said though the Biden Administration clearly understands what is going on in Ethiopia its stance on  the country is based on a  predetermined geopolitical interest.

In the face of this, the Ethiopian Diaspora need to revamp its endeavor to force the American government change its stance, he added.

It is well known that some diaspora groups like Israeli and Egyptians hire lobbyists to influence elected officials and even news outlets, the professor noted, adding that they also hire lobbyists to force the American government to come up with policies favorable to their countries of origin and also garner UN Security Council votes.

Though I am not against lobbying, there are however people and groups who can always pay  more money to promote their interests, he pointed out.

So, ‘‘what we should do is not to try to convince them; but force them. What do I mean by force? I don’t mean taking arms and attacking them. There are many ways, peaceful ways, democratic ways that we can influence policies…’’

Up until now the Ethiopian Diaspora have been trying to influence the American government to change its stance towards Ethiopia.

To that effect, demonstrations that demanded the Biden Administration to change its attitude towards Ethiopia have been held in over 27 cities across the US, he said .

According to him, the Ethiopian decent voting power has been increasing by the day and that is very crucial to garner favorable policy from the US government towards Ethiopia.

In last year’s Senate election, the Ethiopian decent vote was very crucial especially in states of Georgia and Virginia, the professor revealed, adding that voting power will force the major parties to come up with favorable policy towards Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency