Africans Urged To Fight Against Neocolonialism


Addis Ababa January 11/2022 /ENA/ Africans must stand together to fight against those who have been engaged in activities to create a new form of colonialism in the continent, a South African Pan-Africanists has urged.

South Soweto Youth Leader Lontata Lax, and a Ghanaian Model, Seter Abra Norgebe have delivered speech at an art evening held in Addis Ababa last night.

On the occasion, Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dina Mufti told the gathering about Ethiopia’s contribution for the freedom, peace and stability of Africa.

Ethiopia had not only struggled for its independence but also for the liberty and Pan-Africanism movement of Africa, he said.  

Ambassador Dina also stated that Ethiopia had played key role to integrate the African continent with the rest of the world in collaboration with the United Nations and other international organizations.

He also mentioned Ethiopia’s unreserved efforts to the peace and stability of Africa by deploying peacekeeping forces.

Lontata Lax, leader of the South African Soweto Youth Movement on his part recalled the great role played by Ethiopia in the struggle against apartheid standing alongside with the people of South Africa.

Ethiopia has always been a strong supporter of peace and freedom to the continent of Africa, he added.

Therefore, Africans need to collaborate each other and stand alongside of Ethiopia in the fight against those who are attempting to impose their colonial sentiment and trying to undermine the sovereignty of Ethiopia, he underscored.

"We Africans must stand together to fight against those who have neocolonial sentiment and who are trying to undermine the history and liberty of Ethiopia,” Lax pointed out.  

Noting that foreign powers have been supporting internal anti-peace elements to destabilize Ethiopia, he stated that Africans need to break their silence and stand together alongside of Ethiopia to avert the conspiracy.

He also talked about the heinous acts committed by the terrorist TPLF including rape on children. According to him, these inhuman and disgusting acts had never committed in Ethiopia before.

The Ghanaian model, Seter Abra Norgebe reiterated that all Africans must stand together to thwart the conspiracy against Ethiopia.

Standing by the side of Ethiopia is like maintaining the unity and peace of the African continent, she stated.

Ethiopian News Agency