Ethiopian Diaspora Urged to Fight against Economic Pressure, Enhance Export


Minister of Industry Melaku Alebel has urged the Ethiopian Diaspora to play a role in the fight against foreign pressures on the economic front by exerting efforts to increase export earnings.

An exhibition and bazaar was opened today at the Friendship Square in Addis Ababa to be visited by the Ethiopian diaspora and residents of the capital for the coming five days.

Officially opening the exhibition and bazaar, Industry Minister Melaku Alebel said internal and external enemies have been undertaking activities obstructing economic activities of the country.

He urged the Diaspora to play a role to fend off these pressures to particularly increase export earnings.

“The economic pressure is the main challenge among others posed on Ethiopia in the past few months,” Melaku pointed out.

The government of Ethiopia is working to fend off the economic pressure by undertaking a reform on agriculture, industry, tourism and mines sectors, he stated.

As a result, the minister said encouraging achievement is being registered particularly in the industry and trade sectors where the country earned 203 million USD from export in the past five months alone, which is over 94 percent of the plan. But this achievement is in its progress and needs more work to be sustained.  

“We are searching for new market destinations and this exhibition and bazaar will play great role in searching and finding new market destinations as more than 50 anchor exporter industries are attending it. We believe that opening of this exhibition and bazaar will have enormous benefits in this regard.”

The Diasporas will get firsthand information on the industry sector in their home country to contribute their part to further stimulating the export trade and the economy in general.

“The Diaspora will get information on their country’s products and the status of our industry; see products manufactured in our country that show profitability of the sector, promote export exchange of products manufactured in Ethiopia to stimulate the economy, take the products to their residence country to introduce the products and serve as our ambassadors, participate in trade and connect with the manufacturers to expand export market, correct price and quality standard as an input.”

As part of this exhibition and bazaar, an exhibition and bazaar of manufacturing industry will be organized on January 14, 2022, he added.

Noting that terrorist TPLF has destroyed productive industries in areas of Amhara and Afar region and internal and external enemies have been undertaking obstructing activities to the country’s economic activities, the minister underscored, saving the country from the challenges is multi-faceted and the Diaspora ought to continue the fight to fend off the pressures.  

Ethiopian News Agency